Kids First of the Carolina​s

Did you blink? Did you miss it?....summer.....its gone!'s school supply lists. It's extras each teacher needs as your child comes home from school each day this week. It's last year uniform clothes that now don't fit. It's snacks for the class. It's new shoes for school.

 It's what color backpack. It's a $100 calculator!  Busy..busy..busy.

Imagine now…..if the list seems impossible. The too small clothes will have to fit. No way will you be able to bring in snacks. New shoes are just a dream. A backpack is really just a grocery bag. And that might as well be $1000......

Many children...more than you think...start the school year not with excitement but with a different kind of hope...hope no one notices what I don't have. 
We have over 50 children needing at least a backpack and the basics. 


School's back so let's do some Math. (Sharon and I are great shoppers so we got these numbers low!)

Backpack - $20, school list - $25, Clothes - $30  = $75. 

72 children X $75 = $5350.

 Please help Kids First make this school year a great one for all children.

Please  donate today.

Come on out!

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Saturday, September 10, 2016 

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